The María Pagés Choreographic Center of Fuenlabrada is born from the will of a city council that endorses the proactive work of a territory for the benefit of dance and of a choreographer who wants to be useful to her community and environment, both based on their unquestionable ethical commitment to the Spanish and universal cultural and choreographic heritage.

Action model

The public service vocation of the CCMP of Fuenlabrada flows hand in hand with the hospitality of the city and its relationship with the Spanish Culture, intimate and universal.

Its project is rooted in the regional, national and international cultural scene as a model of vision and management of Dance and its professions.

The CCMP of Fuenlabrada, therefore, focuses its work on the reception and support of professionals in the sector, promoting research, reflection and artistic, educational and social creativity.

Commitment towards the profession

As a project devoted to dance from its flamenco singularity, the CCMP of Fuenlabrada arises from the awareness of the precariousness to which the profession is subjected and the urgent need to alleviate their difficulties.

It actively participates in the search for solutions and investigates how to develop and enrich them from a transversal artistic and social cooperation, involving creators, citizens and public and private institutions.

This whole process involves an organic reflection on Dance, in need of a professional recognition, which frees it from the old social prejudices that resist to assume it as a creative art of values, knowledge, paradigms of belonging and social and economic added value.

Home for common reflection

The CCMP of Fuenlabrada is a territorial cultural mechanism conceived to be the home of choreographers and dance professionals. It is open to all languages.

It is, in short, a space of creation that makes research, preservation and transmission of the values of the Spanish choreographic heritage its own, combining an action where dance, citizenship and social action are involved.

Dignifying Spanish dance

From the CCMP of Fuenlabrada we claim Dance as a creative and artistic universal fact because we are convinced that flamenco choreography is the paradigm of contemporaneity with the greatest personality of the current Spanish Culture.

Its strength lies in its organic nature. It is the home of all the arts. It welcomes dance, music, theater, cinema, video, photography, lighting, sound, architecture, design, sculpture, literature, history, philosophy… and invites all its professions to write its story.

One of the founding challenges of the CCMP of Fuenlabrada is to dignify dance, as well as their professions and professionals, claiming them as true foundations of Spanish and universal culture.

El Arbi El Harti
Director of the CCMP of Fuenlabrada