If there is anything that can define María Pagés’ multi-facetted singularity, it is here deeply rooted ethical sense of culture. 

María Pagés Utopia

María Pagés’ civic reflection aspires to confront the myth of Flamenco with reality, in order to make of dance a hospitable, generous and committed vehicle for its environment. 

María Pagés en plena actuación
María Pagés - Centro coreográfico María Pagés | Centro coreográfico María Pagés

María Pagés has embarked in an intense journey of creation, research, formation, in addition to the promotion of Dance  and the Spanish cultural patrimony as a paradigm for social and civic commitment and of solidarity actions in favour of the youth, gender related issues and vulnerable groups.


María Pagés
Director and choreographer

El Arbi El Harti
Director and dramaturgist

Náyade Fernández
Project Manager